Psychological therapy and counseling treats unwanted habits and undesirable feelings. Our aim is to assist our clients in finding meaningful alternatives to their present unsatisfactory ways of thinking, feeling or behaving.


At Royal Ivey Wellness Inc., I practice a form of hypnotherapy, which was conceived by Milton Erickson, a doctor who was considered to be the father of modern hypnotherapy.

Doctor Erickson is well known for his brilliance in the art of medical hypnosis. Unlike the traditional methods of hypnosis, Ericksonian therapies are designed to help restore balance by focusing on the whole person; mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and relational.



Conflict Resolution SkillsStress Management and reduction

Dealing with grief, low self-esteem, self- confidence, shyness, depression

Improve your game: Sports, Business, General Life Changes

Complete Trauma Removal

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder removal of Fear and Phobias removal

Mind and Body healing

Victim services of all kinds

Weight Loss

Addiction resolution

Mental and Physical abuse resolutions

Improve or heal your life, family



Past Life Regression (or PLR) is the practice of taking the client back to explore the roots of current habits, ways of thinking and any phobias. It can help physically, emotionally, spiritually and to uncover inner wisdom. PLR sessions are used to treat issues such as anxiety, addiction, depression, phobia, obsession, prejudice, obesity.

Hypnotherapy is considered to be fairly short-term, and beneficial change, and should become noticeable within a few sessions.

Join the millions of people who have opened their minds to hypnotherapy and changed their lives forever!

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